Packaging & Branding

Packaging & Branding are at the core of every business. A brand consists of any name, design, style, symbols or any other feature that distinguishes the goods and services of one seller from another.

A brand also distinguishes one product from another in the eyes of the customer. All of its elements work as a psychological trigger that causes an association to all other thoughts we have about this brand.

Your brand logo is the first way people interact with your product making it key if it is to succeed. It is broken down to the colours and fonts used. This is crucial to any business and should have a lot of thought and consideration put into it. The brand logo should ideally never be changed too much. This is why brands like Coca-Cola are recognized universally. Notice how the colours and fonts of their key products have remained mostly unchanged for 100 years.

At SmoDav Productions, we offer you the complete Packaging & Branding suite that includes colour schemes, logo, website, email marketing, e-commerce site and many more.