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SmoDav Productions
We transform the way businesses use software by designing and developing web and mobile solutions with various integrations like Telegram®, SMS, USSD, M-Pesa and many more.

Packaging & Branding

New to the online community? We will handle all your branding including Transactional Mails customised to the individual customer level.


Custom & tailor-made solutions to meet your needs from a simple website to a web engine with complex reports and integration with USSD & SMS.

Time Savings

Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing are one of our strengths, providing you with the best solutions in the current time.

Support & Maintenance

Lifetime support and maintenance for all our products and services at a small monthly or yearly fee. We go with what works for you.
We Provide Awesome Digital Solutions
With Great Attention to Detail
Research and constant discovery of current technology trends keep us up to date thus providing the best to our clients including Progressive Web Apps, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Mobile ready web applications and much more. Our design team works closely with the clients to deliver tailor-made solutions that grasp the client's concept.


We leverage the best techniques and languages to give you what you need while not compromising on quality. We offer complete packages that include and are not limited to: Development, Marketing, SMSes, Mails & Newsletters, Payment Gateway Integrations etc.

Why Choose Us?

We offer a wide range of services and we cannot miss to meet your needs!

Responsive Design

We offer responsive designs that change the layout depending on the size of the device; mobile or laptop, we've got you covered!

Clean Code

Guided by standards like PSR, we produce clean and easy to maintain code, no headaches 10 years down the line!

Interaction Speed

Speed and user experience go hand in hand. Our output is always optimised to achieve the best possible interaction speeds.

Amazing Features

We keep up with the trends and offer the best solutions for the current time like Accelerated Mobile Pages and Progressive Web Apps.

Instant Support

With our simple and cost-effective maintenance terms, we keep all your developed systems up to date.

Tailored Solutions

Our systems are tailor-made to meet your needs, providing the simplest way to solve your your technology problems.

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